Who we are

Sure we can say stuff like, “We’re one of the fastest growing or largest independent agencies in South East Queensland”, but like who cares?

We used to be like all the other guys. We put our faces everywhere – buses, signs, videos, on water bottles, any chance we had. Our teams had their own exclusive databases (PSA – you don’t belong to anyone). But then we had an a-ha moment, where we realised the real estate industry is serving itself, not customers, like you.

It's not about us

We took a real hard look at ourselves went back to our core values, defined our behaviours and developed a ‘customer service framework’ which is just a fancy guide for our team to draw on each day. This framework ensures we make you feel valued, empowered, heard and prioritised in every interaction we have with you.

If you think of the ocean, all the other fish are swimming with the current, and we’re going against it. We’re doing something that hasn’t been done before.

It's all you

Partnering with Kindred is like a buy one, get 50 free type of deal. Pretty sweet right? By this I mean you don’t just get one real estate agent to handle everything, you get a small team of super passionate people, who listen to you, all playing their unique part to get you an outcome.

We think you’ll love our team. We’ve got the perfect balance of fresh and energetic youth, combined with some very experienced heads.

Making a real difference to the lives of people in our Moreton Bay and North Brisbane community is why we get up and come in every day. We partner with local sporting clubs, not-for-profits and charities, and sponsor key events like the Jetty2Jetty fun run. We’re committed to giving back and ensuring long-lasting changes for generations to come.

Kindred in the community

Our community, and every person in it, is at the heart of what we do.

Ready to take the journey with us?

With 15+ years experience, see why thousands of North Brisbane and Moreton Bay residents continue to choose Kindred.

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