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Some of our more frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a property appraisal and a property valuation?

Property valuations differ from appraisals in that they are formal, “definitive” values of a property performed by registered property valuers that are used for more formal proceedings - with valuations often being a requirement from a bank in order to confirm your approval for mortgage lending on that specific property. Property valuations carry a considerable cost, often up to $1000 for residential properties, and even more for commercial and rural properties.

How do you handle maintenance and repairs on my property?

Your home is well taken care of with us. Your tenants can contact our property managers to discuss any issues within business hours, or lodge an online maintenance request. We have a property management team dedicated to dealing with every request promptly and efficiently, communicating with both yourself and your tenants. For non-emergency maintenance requests outside of office hours, tenants also submit an online request form that is promptly addressed. In emergency situations, we have a list of approved providers to deal with issues like no water or no hot water availability, burst water pipes and power outages