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Rental appraisals completed virtually, digitally or in-person

Our rental appraisal process is designed to be convenient and flexible. We can visit your property at a time that suits you to assess its features and rental appeal, or you can opt for the convenience of a virtual appraisal, allowing you to give us a guided tour of your property through a video call. For a quick and hassle-free option, you can provide us with essential information on your property online, and our experienced team will assess it to generate a comprehensive rental appraisal from this information.

Free, accurate and fast rental appraisals in three easy steps

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Let us know your property address paired with your contact details and select how you’d like your rental appraisal completed: virtually, digitally or in person. 

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Regardless of how you’d like your appraisal completed, our team will get in touch with you promptly and either choose a time to meet you at your home, or clarify any questions around your property to help us give you the most accurate rental appraisal remotely.

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Our property leaders will get to work on your rental appraisal quickly, delivering an accurate property appraisal so you can take that next step or start planning for the future. Our team is here to answer any questions or offer further support if needed.

Your rental appraisal will enable you to

Set an optimal rental price

Your rental estimate is an accurate, reliable assessment of the current market value of your property so you can set an optimal rental price that is competitive and reflective of your property's worth. 

Avoid prolonged vacancies

Properties that are overpriced risk prolonged vacancies, losing you income in the long run.

Help match to best suited tenants 

By pricing your rental property well, you’re able to maximise your income while finding tenants looking within your price range who are able to consistently pay the rent without issues. 

Expert Advice

If you’re currently looking to buy an investment property or new home, a rental appraisal will work to help calculate your borrowing power and secure financing with banks.

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Kris & Brad

I can highly recommend Kindred for any property requirements you might have. They assisted my partner and I in our search for the right property and we have found them to be an excellent communicator with a genuine interest and eagerness to assist buyers in their property search. We have been looking for quite awhile and they never lost touch with us or just moved on to the next buyer. Really appreciate your excellent service.

Arthur & Denise

I found Kindred to be pro active in delivering an outcome for me.  They kept me up to date with information on the sale. Very easy to talk to and answered my questions straight away on proceedings.


Kindred have been wonderful to deal with. My wife, Sue, and I both work full time and don’t have much time so we very much appreciate Kindred taking the sting out of the purchase process which can be very stressful without the right partners.


The Kindred Deception Bay team are a dynamic and clever group of young talented individuals, switched on to the current market trends. I enjoyed dealing with them on every occasion. I thank you for working with my interests in mind.

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Some of our more frequently asked questions with rental appraisals

Can I use a rental appraisal to increase my rent?

Your rental appraisal can definitely help indicate that the market has shifted upwards since you last signed a rental agreement for your property, and that you may be able to achieve a higher weekly rental value at present.

What happens during an in-person rental appraisal?

One of our agents will meet you at your property and will walk through your property, assessing it against the features that tenants typically look for. We’ll ask you any questions related to your home and land to give us the most accurate rental appraisal. From here, we’ll return to the office and combine this information with other data-driven information, such as rental demand and similar rental property prices in the area, and then create your final rental report.

Do I need to be present for the rental appraisal?

You don’t need to be present for digital rental appraisals, as they don’t require any access to your home. We do require you to be present for an in-person and virtual appraisals, as we may ask questions about your home during the walkthrough that may affect the rental estimate. This enables us to give you the most accurate rental appraisal possible.

How much does a rental appraisal cost?

Our rental appraisals are completely free, regardless of whether you choose to have it in-person, virtually or digitally.

What factors influence a rental appraisal?

There are many factors that influence a rental appraisal. The location of the property is important, considering factors like neighbourhood desirability, proximity to amenities and accessibility. Property size and layout, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces, affect its functionality and attractiveness to potential tenants. The condition and quality of the property, including its age, maintenance, and overall appeal, also impact the rental value. Amenities such as parking, outdoor spaces, and additional features like air conditioning or in-unit laundry can contribute to higher rental values. Your Kindred agent will consider all of these factors and more when creating your rental appraisal report.

Who conducts rental appraisals?

Our rental appraisals are conducted by our experienced team of property managers, who have a comprehensive understanding of the current rental market, rental demand, local rental prices, and what features the types of tenants best suited for your home are looking for.

Why is a rental appraisal important?

Rental appraisals give you an accurate, up-to-date estimate of what is a reasonable and optimal rental value for your home at this point in time. This means you can avoid significantly overpricing your home, which puts you at risk of a longer vacancy period and therefore lost income, or underpricing your home, meaning you also lose out on maximising your return on your investment.

What is a rental appraisal?

A rental appraisal gives you a weekly rental value, presented as an estimated range (e.g. $830 - $860 per week), that your property is likely to generate under the current market conditions.