December 13, 2023

Unwrapping compassion: Kindred collects for local community group

As the festive season dances in with its gleaming lights, it's easy to get lost in the celebration and good vibes. Though, for many families, Christmas doesn't arrive with a sense of cheer, but rather the struggles that cast a shadow over the holiday spirit.  

Recognising the struggles faced by some during this time of year, Kindred has partnered with Redcliffe Care Network and their annual Community Christmas Appeal to bring a touch of magic to those who need it most.  

Redcliffe Care Network

In the heart of the Redcliffe community, the Redcliffe Care Network stands as one of the goodwill giants. This super team comprises of local charities and non-profits including The Breakfast Club, Salvation Army, Encircle Community Services, and Redcliffe Mums. Together, they form a safety net for those facing hardships, embodying the spirit of unity that becomes especially poignant during the holiday season.

Kindred digs deep

The Kindred team, propelled by a shared spirit of benevolence, undertook a mission to collect essential items that would make a meaningful impact. The result? A staggering 1400 items, from food essentials like cereals, pasta and rice to those special Christmas delights like pudding and custard.  

Yet, it was the inclusion of over 200 craft kits, 100 toy cars, 33 Lego sets, 20 Barbie's, and an impressive half-kilometre of wrapping paper that truly sparked the magic of Christmas. The goal was to ensure that every child experienced the enchantment of unwrapping a gift on the morning of the 25th.  

Community passion

Behind these acts of kindness lies a story of compassion and connection. Joshua Kindred, CEO of Kindred, shared his pride in the team's efforts. The inherently competitive nature of the Kindred team, he noted, became a driving force for good. "Kindred is a pretty competitive bunch," Joshua states, "so we thought let’s turn this into a challenge and see who can collect the most items. But most importantly, they’re all super committed to making a real difference to this community."

This blend of competition and compassion showcased the dynamic spirit of the Kindred team, transforming a charitable endeavour into a rallying point for community engagement. It reflected not just a commitment to collecting items but a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of their neighbours.

Are you doing it tough?

Visit The Breakfast Club in Redcliffe from at 7am on Christmas Day and come together for a meal and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.  

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