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Sure we can say stuff like, “We’re one of the fastest growing or largest independent agencies in South East Queensland”, but like who cares?

We used to be like all the other guys. We put our faces everywhere – buses, signs, videos, on water bottles, any chance we had. Our teams had their own exclusive databases (PSA – you don’t belong to anyone). But then we had an a-ha moment, where we realised the real estate industry is serving itself, not customers, like you.

It's not about us

We took a real hard look at ourselves went back to our core values, defined our behaviours and developed a ‘customer service framework’ which is just a fancy guide for our team to draw on each day. This framework ensures we make you feel valued, empowered, heard and prioritised in every interaction we have with you.

If you think of the ocean, all the other fish are swimming with the current, and we’re going against it. We’re doing something that hasn’t been done before.

It's all you

Partnering with Kindred is like a buy one, get 50 free type of deal. Pretty sweet right? By this I mean you don’t just get one real estate agent to handle everything, you get a small team of super passionate people, who listen to you, all playing their unique part to get you an outcome.

We think you’ll love our team. We’ve got the perfect balance of fresh and energetic youth, combined with some very experienced heads.

Making a real difference to the lives of people in our Moreton Bay and North Brisbane community is why we get up and come in every day. We partner with local sporting clubs, not-for-profits and charities, and sponsor key events like the Jetty2Jetty fun run. We’re committed to giving back and ensuring long-lasting changes for generations to come.

More than just a juicy number

We do a bit of work to determine what your home is worth. Here’s what we consider:

Size and features

We look at the size of your block and property, plus key features, house condition and any renovations or improvements you’ve made (or could make!)


You know what they say, location is king. We can help tell a story between your home and nearby landmarks to increase its value.

The current market

It goes up, dips a bit, sideways and soars up again. Getting an updated appraisal considers the current market and recently comparable sales.

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We’re not dinosaurs, either

Times have changed, so get a property appraisal on your terms. We can come to your place, or we can FaceTime, or just email you a property report. If you’re serious about selling though, book an appraisal at your place for one that is right on the money.

Easy in threesy

Our property reports are powered by CoreLogic, Australia’s leading property data provider. We offer the best available data on your home, including its sales history, current market value estimates and suburb reports.

Complete the appraisal form

Enter your address and some contact details so we know where to send your report

We’ll reach out

Whether it’s to arrange a time to view your property, or a few final questions, we’ll quickly check in before we hit send  

Reporting for duty

Here’s the fun bit, get your appraisal report within 48 hours of requesting an appraisal or 24 hours of us visiting your home.

We could harp on all day

Here's what some real customers have to say!

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Backed by over 200+
5-star reviews

Kris & Brad

I can highly recommend Kindred for any property requirements you might have. They assisted my partner and I in our search for the right property and we have found them to be an excellent communicator with a genuine interest and eagerness to assist buyers in their property search. We have been looking for quite awhile and they never lost touch with us or just moved on to the next buyer. Really appreciate your excellent service.

Arthur & Denise

I found Kindred to be pro active in delivering an outcome for me.  They kept me up to date with information on the sale. Very easy to talk to and answered my questions straight away on proceedings.


Kindred have been wonderful to deal with. My wife, Sue, and I both work full time and don’t have much time so we very much appreciate Kindred taking the sting out of the purchase process which can be very stressful without the right partners.


The Kindred Deception Bay team are a dynamic and clever group of young talented individuals, switched on to the current market trends. I enjoyed dealing with them on every occasion. I thank you for working with my interests in mind.

Ready to take the journey with us?

With 15+ years experience, see why thousands of North Brisbane and Moreton Bay residents continue to choose Kindred.

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Some of our more frequently asked questions with property appraisals

How often should I get a home appraisal?

We recommend having a property appraisal when it’s time to make important decisions about your home or living situations - such as when you’re looking to sell your home. This is as many people will start running numbers and doing financial planning around their home appraisal value to try to keep their projections and budgeting as accurate as possible.

What is the difference between a property appraisal and a property valuation?

Property valuations differ from appraisals in that they are formal, “definitive” values of a property performed by registered property valuers that are used for more formal proceedings - with valuations often being a requirement from a bank in order to confirm your approval for mortgage lending on that specific property. Property valuations carry a considerable cost, often up to $1000 for residential properties, and even more for commercial and rural properties.

What happens during an in-home appraisal?

One of our agents will meet you at your property and have a thorough examination of your home and land. They’ll ask you questions to help record the most accurate information about your home, like the age of your kitchen appliances, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask them any questions about your home, recommendations, the sales process or anything you’d like. You don’t need to worry about having your home looking “market ready” - our team does not need this in order to create an accurate appraisal, though we’ll be happy to discuss if staging could improve your sale price if selling your home is a consideration of yours. 

From here, we’ll return to the office and combine this information with other data-driven information, sales histories and more to create your home’s appraisal report.

Do I need to be present for the appraisal?

You don’t need to be present for digital appraisals, as they don’t require any access to your home. We do require you to be present for an in-person and virtual appraisals, as we may ask questions about your home during the walkthrough that you as the homeowner would have the most insight on. This enables us to give you the most accurate appraisal possible.

How much does a sales appraisal cost?

We don’t want anything to hold you back from being well-informed about your property, which is why our property appraisals are always completely free to you.

What factors influence a property appraisal?

There’s quite a comprehensive process that goes on behind-the-scenes of our property appraisals, with our team looking at everything such your property size, age, condition, location, proximity to amenities, parking, structural features, interior features and finishes, appliances, comparable sales in the area, market conditions, the current demand for your property type, environmental factors (such as being located in a marked flooding zone), other zoning limitations, and much more.

Who conducts property appraisals?

Here at Kindred, your property appraisal is completed by one of our experienced real estate agents who are backed by an entire team of property leaders and customer care professionals.

Why is a property appraisal important?

Home appraisals are important because if you’re making plans for the future that involve selling your home, buying another, getting financing against your existing home or completing renovations, you want to know what your home is worth today - not what it was worth a year ago or at its last formal valuation. Markets shift, prices rise and fall, and it’s important for you to have realistic expectations as you make important decisions about your family’s future. While many well-meaning friends and family members may be quick to give you their “two cents” about your property, accurate appraisals can only be completed by experienced and knowledgeable local property leaders that have a comprehensive understanding about today’s market and can offer you the most accurate advice and sales estimates.

What is the best way to do an appraisal, in-person, digitally or virtually?

The beauty of our sales appraisals is that we understand that everyone’s circumstances and availability is different, and are happy to work with you to make the process as easy, simple and effective for you as possible. In person appraisals do give us the most accurate estimates by having us have a comprehensive look inside your home, where we can identify features (and issues) that we can discuss and clarify with you. This may be best suited for you if you’d also like to discuss how to prepare your home to help maximise its value.

Virtual appraisals involve having us “walk through” your home via a video call, which may be more convenient for some compared to an in-person visit. It still allows for a detailed estimate, giving us a good idea of how much you can expect to sell your home for. Digital appraisals are completed without any walkthroughs, instead using a combined record of the property history, sales data and the local market conditions. This is an easy and hassle-free start for many who want to gain an estimate of their home value before taking that next step forward.

What is a property appraisal?

A property appraisal is a professional opinion of the value of your property, so you can gain a better idea of the market value of your home as well as what to place as an asking price (or reserve price at auction) before opting to pay for a formal valuation. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to identify any pre-sale work on the house that can go a long way in adding value to your home.

Here at Kindred, we can conduct appraisals in three ways: digitally, virtually with a video call walk through, or an in-person appraisal with one of our agents.