6 keys to selling your home

Selling a home isn’t as simple as popping up a “For Sale” sign, however that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult either. Although there is much to cover when you are selling, following these simple steps and finding the right selling partner is the key to a successful sale.

Key 3


An investment in marketing is the key to your success.

Marketing is one of the most important tools when it comes to selling your property, second only to securing a real estate agent you can trust. Effective property marketing attracts the right buyer, reducing time on the market and often achieving a higher sale price.  It’s simple – no matter the quality, presentation or location, a property is unlikely to sell if it does not receive the exposure it needs.

In today’s intricate real estate environment, a strong marketing plan should include various strategic forms of advertising to reach buyers. The plan should be designed to create exposure for your property and position you at the forefront of the real estate market – well ahead of your competition. You should choose an agent you can trust to utilise your marketing investment in the most effective manner possible.

 When choosing a marketing strategy, you should consider:

  • How can I gain the maximum exposure for my property and ensure it is seen by the right people?
  • How can I position my property ahead of my competition in such a competitive market?
  • How can I expose my property across different mediums in a way that creates a connection with buyers?

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