6 keys to selling your home

Selling a home isn’t as simple as popping up a “For Sale” sign, however that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult either. Although there is much to cover when you are selling, following these simple steps and finding the right selling partner is the key to a successful sale.

Key 4

Listing your property

When you appoint an agent to sell your property, all owners on the title are required to sign an ‘agency agreement’. This is a legally binding contract authorises an agent to act on your behalf in relation to the sale of your property.

The agency agreement usually has specified terms and includes an estimate of the selling price, the services the agent will provide and the commission to be paid to the agent on the sale of your property. It may also include details of advertising and marketing costs.

There are several different agency agreements you may sign when appointing an agent to sell your property however the most common an exclusive agency agreement or an open agency agreement.

Open Listing:
This lets you list your property with several agencies however please note that many agency will only agree to exclusive listings. You pay the agent who finds you the buyer/s.

Exclusive Listing:
This agreement gives the agent of your choice the exclusive right to sell your property.

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